The Color Pink Jewelry

Today I invite you to see the world of pink and learn more about pink gold, with our beautiful Bombay necklace and our wonderful Jaipur ring.

For our first collection we used pink to colour our jewellery, making it classic, relaxed and unique.


The pink color is associated with innocence, love, surrender and generosity, inviting us to have very deep feelings. It is born from the combination between red (heat) and white (cold), which are opposite colors although all the feelings associated with this color are always positive.

Pink is the color of which no one can say anything bad. It is associated with young life, sensitivity and sentimentality. It represents femininity, romanticism, that’s why there is a literary genre called “pink novel”, which generally narrates the vicissitudes of lovers whose love usually triumphs in the face of adversity.

It is associated with the aroma of the rose, sweet and delicious, and therefore is the color of the best sweets (pink cake).

When we are in the “seventh heaven” we see everything pink. “A world of pink” is a world too beautiful to be true.

As a curiosity it is not only a well-known flower and a typical woman’s name. In cartoons we have the famous “Pink Panther”. The well-known British newspaper “Financial Times” has been printing its finance section on pink paper since 1888. In Japan movies for adults are known as “pink movies” there the pink has a clear connotation of sexual and in Spain is called pink press or programs pink (or heart) where you decipher the life of famous people.


Pink gemstones have generated, since the beginning of time, a magnetic attraction in the world of jewelry. Its scarcity and its rare presence in nature have made pink gemstones one of the most in demand. Tourmaline (rubalite), spinel and the very few pink diamonds are the great exponents of the presence of pink in precious stones.

However, there is still a more important representation of pink in the world of jewellery: pink gold.


Pink gold is the fetish precious metal of all jewelers. Its peculiar brightness, its delicate pinkish tone and the feminine touch that it brings to the jewel make rose gold one of the favorites of goldsmiths and jewelers of the world.


Pink gold is composed of a mixture of three metals in different proportions:

5% Silver : Silver gives rose gold a white metallic shine, making it more workable and malleable.

20% Copper : The so-called “Red Metal” (one of the few metals that have color along with osmium and yellow gold) is responsible for bringing to pink gold the tone of pink.

75% Gold: The precious metal par excellence and yet needs to be alloyed with other metals to be worked (pure gold is not used in jewelry just because it is excessively malleable).


Finally, I wanted to leave for the end the most important reference for me: pink is a color of struggle and strength, it is the color chosen for the link that represents the world day of breast cancer.

We contribute our little grain of gold supporting all these brave fighters and we are in solidarity with this struggle that affects a significant number of women.


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