How to enjoy water sports safely

Summer has arrived, the good weather, and many sea sports fans can enjoy idyllic and exciting days. More and more people are attracted by practices such as surfing, windsurfing or sailing. In order to enjoy these exercises it is necessary to take a couple of basic sailing courses that will give us the necessary tools to feel safe in their practice and really enjoy them.

We see more and more surfers defying the waves on more and more beaches. It is essential to receive a series of classes that clarify the basic concepts of navigation, the dangers that we can find and the safety measures to adopt to protect us and the other surfers who are in our practice area.

Among the basic rules for any person who wants to exercise this hobby is to never be confident in the face of the danger of waves. It is important to know well the beach in which we are, the type of waves that we are going to find and the dominant currents. All this information can be purchased at sports clubs in the area or at the Red Cross who will be willing to help us.

Surfing accompanied by one or more friends is always positive to have help in case you need it. As well as, to respect the prohibited zones and to stay away from bathers or fishermen that we can put in danger by our movements. And two principles of everyone who wants to surf: if you are starting a life jacket can be vital, and in case of accident is recommended never leave the board.

For this more complex practice and with more elements it is necessary to take several courses to teach us how to master these exercises. As in surfing, it is vital to know beforehand the time that we will find when we do this sport, as well as the dominant currents of that area. And always away from swimmers and fishermen.

In addition, the use of an isothermal suit is essential, and it is recommended to choose bright colors both in the clothing and in the sail and board. In the event of an accident, these details can be very important so that you can find us, as this practice takes place farther away from the shore of the beach. Protective items such as helmets are not mandatory, but are also often advised.

Warn a friend or family member of the sailing area is also a detail that is more important than it seems, can save your life. If you practice this sport accompanied better, but if you do not remember that someone knows where you are and when you plan to end the day to be alert to any unfortunate event.

As in other sports, respect for other people who enjoy the sea must be emphasized and at all times maintain an adequate safety space so as not to endanger fishermen, surfers or other sailors. In addition, maintaining eye contact with other people at all times, as mentioned above, is recommended in order to receive help in unexpected situations. For example, we can suffer a hypothermia (involuntary lowering of body temperature) when falling into the sea and that is why it is essential to always have a helping hand within reach.

Not trusting yourself is always a good precaution. If we start to observe fog, we have to return to the coast oriented by the sounds and the compass. And do not hesitate for a single moment to ask for help to the Maritime Rescue Centers that they are the most prepared and know the best way to act in extreme cases.



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